cyber 1-2-1 yoga

So what is cyber yoga?

  • cost:  pay what you, can if you can

  • it’s exactly the same lesson

  • spinal warm up

  • postures

  • pranayama (breath awareness)

  • relaxation

  • plus I shall be adding some yogic health tips which are very pertinent to now…


Most things don’t change…

  • it’s still interactive,

  • I can see and hear you well. 

  • each lesson is still planned to suit your individual needs. 

  • you still pay by bank transfer as before.


All you need is a laptop, it does work on a phone if you don’t have access to a laptop. The one thing I can’t do is physically correct and manipulate.

If you’d have asked me a month ago if I would do a cyber yoga lesson, I would have said,

no thank you. I know there are some fabulous youtuber teachers, yet it’s not interactive nor fine-tuned for the individual and that is what I enjoy about teaching yoga.