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Cyber yoga? Who would have thought it...

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you’d have asked me a month ago if I would do a cyber yoga lesson, I would have said,

no thank you. I know there are some fabulous youtuber teachers, yet it’s not interactive nor fine-tuned for the individual and that is what I enjoy about teaching yoga.

Fast forward a month…I now teach all my yoga students via an online platform!

and much to my surprise, it works really well and the feedback is extremely positive. It will never replace or surpass the real thing, however, in the circumstances it’s a pretty good second.

it’s exactly the same lesson...

spinal warm up




plus I shall be adding some yogic health tips which are very pertinent to now…

Most things don’t change…

It’s still interactive, I can see and hear you well.

Each lesson is still planned to suit your individual needs.

You still pay by bank transfer as before.

All you need is a laptop, it does work on a phone if you don’t have access to a laptop. The one thing I can’t do is physically correct and manipulate.

So if you’re interested in cyber yoga lessons please get in touch,

Yoga unites

I was reluctantly amending my website this morning with phrases such as temporarily suspended due to ... and I thought to myself there must be something that I can do to help, surely. Then as usual it came to me after my evening headstand. That’s where all good ideas start for me!

Yoga Unites. Yoga unites friends and family who have been separated because of Miley by setting up a group zoom conference call with your loved ones to participate in a gorgeous relaxing yoga session together. The union of a truly positive experience might be just the tonic people need right now. Rather than conversations weighted with fears and worries.

Take a look at to see how this opportunity could work for you. Cost; I ask that you simply pay what you, can if you can.

Its a good time to bring in the Warriors.

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