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New Year Palpitations

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Not in a good way! A Few days into 2020 with optimism high for a new decade, I find myself in “urgence” wired up to an ECG suffering from major palpitations, breathlessness, nausea, extreme weakness and discomfort in the middle of the chest. I knew it appeared serious when my flat mate, normally prone to hysterical reactions and making a drama was alarmingly cool and calm in getting me to hospital. “I’m not going to make the new decade!”

The nurses and doctors were brilliant, immediately jumping into English. To my relief the ECG was normal, although the cause of the palpitations was not known. So a couple of hours later I was sent away once they were happy I was reasonably stable and my symptoms had diminished somewhat. I wanted to walk home as I needed some air, it was around midnight. It was a surreal walk home through a Paris in the full throws of a Saturday night, passing bars and restaurants, people laughing and spirit high. I felt oddly detached almost as if walking through a movie I wasn’t part of...

Monday I was up early with loads of tests to be done, keen to get to the root of my health scare. “You’re anaemic” my doctor states, with certainty. “However, just to be sure, I’m sending you for a chest X-Ray”. I was relieved to hear a diagnosis but the ex ray bit scared me. Next morning I have my X-Ray done and the doctor is delighted to tell me that all is clear and I have nothing to worry about. Is it normal to hug the doctor?!

So a week on and with an extraordinary amount of sleeping and napping done, the palpitations are starting to reduce and at times disappear. I’m having to take it so slow, whenever I think I’m better, I go out for a walk, grab some groceries and it knocks me back day or two. I’m amazed that anaemia can have such a debilitating effect on the body. I can’t even do any yoga without feeling dizzy or weird. There’s nothing I can do speed up the recovery except eat my self well, yoga nidra and wait…

That’s when I had a thought one day of writing a blog… being a yoga teacher isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes. We too are vulnerable beings and maybe it’s good for yoga teachers to share things other than yoga postures. Let’s see.

So what can I learn from this? Thinking back I’ve been having light headedness and dizziness for ages and sometimes I have unexplainable fatigue. The signs were probably there already, I just paid no attention to them. Perhaps if the anaemia had been discovered months ago, it wouldn’t have developed to crisis.

Listen to my body is the moral… but I’m really good at this! So listen more… and take early action. Lesson learned? Yes definitely.

What’s my recovery going to be? Very gentle restorative yoga, deep relaxation and healing through food. Sounds like a yoga party, no? www.yogaparty,fr

So I have to party myself better. Great!

Thank you for reading my first blog.

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